Pacific BioEnergy Hosts Major Government Announcement

The Prince George media were out in full-force in the early afternoon of November 13, 2019 as the Province of BC and Forest Enhancement Society BC (FESBC) announced $27 million in new projects to help make better use of lower-grade fibre or ‘biologs’ as they’ve come to be known. The Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, Ravi Kahlon along with the Executive Director of FESBC, Steve Kozuki were on hand for the announcements. Several of the project representatives also attended to express their appreciation for government’s help and funding to get the projects going. Pacific BioEnergy’s Woodlands Manager, Joe Kenny, was available to discuss the two Pacific BioEnergy and two NAZBEC Limited Partnership projects that received FESBC funding.

The Pacific BioEnergy projects include:

  1. Forest Residual Grinding Project in Quesnel. This project will enable the use of uneconomic non-merchantable low-grade fibre from blocks harvested in the Quesnel Timber Supply Area.
  2. Grinding Roadside Residuals in McBride. This project will enable utilization of uneconomic, non-merchantable, low-grade fibre from harvesting activities in the McBride Community Forest.

The NAZBEC Limited Partnership projects include:

  1. Wildfire Risk Reduction #1. This project has been repurposed to focus on interface wildlife risk reduction around Nazko which is home to the Nazko First Nation.
  2. Wildife Risk Reduction #2. This project also focusses on wildfire risk reduction around Nazko through activities including; harvesting, understory pruning and thinning, and forest floor piling and burning where fibre utilization is feasible.

NAZBEC Limited Partnership is a company co-owned and operated by Pacific BioEnergy and the Nazko First Nation and stands as one of the first co-owned companies in the BC Bioenergy sector involving a BC First Nation. Following the project announcements and media interviews, Pacific BioEnergy hosted a tour of the Prince George Plant to Parliamentary Secretary Kahlon, FESBC Ex Dir Kozuki and others.