PacBio Plants Half-Millionth Seedling

On Saturday, June 13, PacBio achieved another milestone when planting crews with Strategic Natural Resource Consultants planted the half-millionth seedling as part of PacBio planting program. The seedling was planted in a block near the Norman Lake West Forest Service Road, west of Prince George.

PacBio will conclude its Spring Plant on June 24 with the planting of approximately 680,000 new seedings. The Summer Plant is scheduled to begin on July 4 with another 450,000 seedlings to be planted.

PacBio CEO John Stirling planted PacBio’s 1st seedling on May 8 in the Bobtail Fire Biomass Recovery Area. “This year’s planting program is our first experience with replanting forests that were burned by an early season wildfire in 2015. We determined that we could salvage a lot of the burned wood and truck it to our plant in Prince George to make wood pellets. We’ve created economic opportunity and accelerated the reforestation in the fire damaged areas without piling and burning before replanting. I want to thank the planting crews for their work this spring and our Woodlands team for leading this project. We look forward to celebrating the planting of our One Millionth Seedling next month.”

In 2015, the Bobtail area west of Prince George was hit by a major wildfire which burned an area covering 25,533 hectares. The extent of the fire damage prevented salvage by the traditional forest industry.

In 2019, PacBio reached agreement with one of the major licensees in the area to salvage some of the burned fibre utilizing the licensee’s bioenergy license. PacBio proceeded to complete forest development planning and harvest unit layout while taking into account all the resource values that are present such as wildlife habitat, visual quality objectives, fisheries, and archeological resources.