PacBio Focussed on Innovation and Sustainability

Pacific BioEnergy is taking an innovative approach to its new forest licence near Prince George, British Columbia – preserving many more trees than traditional harvesting, supporting local saw and pulp mills and producing high quality pellets to make clean, renewable energy.

The composition of the forest is typical of most areas harvested in the region and according to Government mapping is not located in caribou habitat. However, PacBio is taking a different approach than traditional harvesting – exceeding BC Government standards and regulations and reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability, including:

  • Not harvesting 30% of the volume in the stand;
  • The stand is mature forest not Old Growth as defined by provincial government standards;
  • Protecting large diameter Cedar and Douglas Fir trees; which have already been marked with ribbon to ensure they are not to be harvested;
  • Leaving 90% of the Cedar in the stand;
  • Saw logs will be sold to sawmills. Pulp logs will be sold to pulp mills. Other logs will be sold to specialty mills;
  • Only low-quality logs and harvesting residues such as treetops and limbs will be used to make pellets, material which would normally be ‘piled and burned’;
  • Following all government guidelines and practices to ensure the protection of wildlife habitat; and
  • Adhering to our Sustainable Forestry Management certification.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in everything we do: from harvesting to the production of pellets to our relationships with local mills, members of our communities and to our customers. We have demonstrated this consistently during the past 25 years we have been operating in Prince George. We are proud of the work our forestry team and our contractors deliver on a daily basis.

John Stirling
Pacific BioEnergy