Pacific BioEnergy

Our Assets

We operate a world-scale pellet fuel processing facility in Prince George, BC, at the heart of the province’s forest industry, and have a number of development projects underway in other major forestry regions of the province. These strategic locations give us ready access to one of the world’s largest and most under-utilized wood waste resources. Pacific BioEnergy is planning to grow production significantly through an expansion of our Prince George facility and by adding new facilities. Each of our facilities is designed to process a broad variety of forestry derived raw materials, from sawmill residuals to forest residuals and whole logs.

Prince George Pellet Processing Facility

We have been producing wood pellet fuel in Prince George, BC since 1994. To keep pace with growing demand, the original plant was rebuilt and expanded in 2007.

In December 2009, Pacific BioEnergy entered into a strategic partnership with Electrabel/GDF Suez, one of the world’s leading energy providers. This positioned us to further expand the facility to 350,000 TPA and install leading-edge environmental control equipment.

Our Prince George facility is certified under the following Chain of Custody, Processing Standards:
GGLCertificate #C808167GGL01.2017
PEFCCertificate #CU-PEFC-834696


Pacific BioEnergy owns a forest license in the Quesnel TSA which provides for annual harvest rights of 700,000 m³ for 15 years. This license is one of the largest forest licenses ever issued in the province of BC and covers an area of over 1 million hectares, ranging from the city of Quesnel to the boundary of Tweedsmuir Park.

Additionally, it lies at the heart of BC’s Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) infestation, enabling us to harvest MPB-killed wood for use as feedstock. This effectively reduces CO2 emissions, as dead trees emit (rather than absorb) carbon, and accelerates the regeneration of BC’s forests.

Harvest rights under this license provide support for our existing operations in Prince George, as well as the opportunity to develop an additional world-scale biomass processing facility.